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Ward 24 - Scarborough District


Rezoning Application for Phase 1 and Subdivision Application (see 13 175005 ESC 38 SB) to permit the redevelopment of part of a 4.6 ha site with a mixed-use development including residential, retail and office/commercial (Phase 1). The remaining lands are not subject to the rezoning. The entire site is subject to the sub-division application. Phase 1 includes: Blocks containing residential, retail, and office/commercial use are proposed. A block for park purposes is also proposed. Buildings of 33 to 49 storeys are proposed. Approximately 1,500 residential units are proposed (phase 1). The owner previously submitted an Official Plan Amendment application (see File No. 10 287207 ESC 38 OZ) to change the designation of the entire 4.6 ha site from "Employment Area" to "Mixed Use Areas". This application is under review by the City as part of the Official Plan review.
Proposed Use    --- # of Storeys   49 # of Units   1,371
Type Number Date Submitted Status
Rezoning 13 175197 ESC 38 OZ May 27, 2013 Council Approved   Jul 7, 2015
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Subdivision Approval 13 175005 ESC 38 SB May 27, 2013 Draft Plan Approved  
OPA 10 287207 ESC 38 OZ Oct 28, 2010 Closed  
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The consultation period for this application is closed. Please contact the planner directly Meeting Dates
Kelly Dynes
Senior Planner
Community Meeting Date  Apr 23, 2014

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