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Ward 20 - Tor & E.York District


Site Plan application to permit the redevelopment of the lands for the purposes of a new mixed use development with a total gross floor area of 79992m2 consisting of 1200 residential dwelling units in four towers ranging in height from 2 to 18 stories with retail at grade. Included in the proposal is the provision of 701 parking spaces to be located in a below grade parking facility.
Proposed Use    --- # of Storeys   --- # of Units   ---
Type Number Date Submitted Status
Site Plan Approval 12 203308 STE 20 SA Jun 29, 2012 Under Review   
Rezoning 11 230641 STE 20 OZ Jun 30, 2011 Closed  
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Contact Information
The consultation period for this application is closed. Please contact the planner directly Meeting Dates
Joanna Kimont
Community Meeting Date  Oct 12, 2011
A building permit application has been applied for. To view the status of the building permit application click here.

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