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Ward 13 - Tor & E.York District


Site Plan Control application for a 51-storey mixed use building with a GFA of 35,000 sq. m with 499 sq. m of retail space and 511 residential units, and the total number of rental units on the Block is 2057 units, of which 24 are rental replacement units (and therefore not market). The overall FSI is 7.38.
Proposed Use    --- # of Storeys   --- # of Units   ---
Type Number Date Submitted Status
Site Plan Approval 18 149815 STE 28 SA Apr 27, 2018 Under Review   
Rezoning 15 206976 STE 28 OZ Aug 14, 2015 Council Approved   Mar 27, 2019
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Contact Information
The consultation period for this application is closed. Please contact the planner directly Meeting Dates
Thomas Rees
Senior Planner, Community Planning
Community Meeting Date  Feb 24, 2016
A building permit application has been applied for. To view the status of the building permit application click here.

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