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Proposed 19 storey office development with retail uses at-grade, with a total gross floor area of 30,295 square metres including 707 square metres of retail space at grade, which retail space will front along both King Street East and Colborne Street. The main pedestrian entrance to the building will be located at the corner of King Street East and Leader Lane. The proposal includes a new 6 metre wide private lane that will connect to the existing private lane located to the east of the Site. A total of 189 parking spaces will be provided on the Site below grade, and a total of 126 bicycle parking spaces will be provided.
Proposed Use    Non-Residential # of Storeys   19 # of Units   0
Type Number Date Submitted Status
Rezoning 15 258720 STE 28 OZ Nov 30, 2015 Under Review   
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Thomas Rees
Community Meeting Date  Mar 23, 2016

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