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Proposed adaptive reuse of a vacant place of worship building in a manner that retains and repurposes those elements that are of historical value and introduces a new addition in order to accommodate 77 residential apartment units. Two below grade parking levels would provide for 91 vehicular parking spaces and 77 bicycle parking spaces.
Proposed Use    --- # of Storeys   --- # of Units   ---
Type Number Date Submitted Status
Site Plan Approval 16 118663 WET 13 SA Feb 19, 2016 Under Review   
Rezoning 16 118643 WET 13 OZ Feb 19, 2016 Council Approved   Jul 4, 2017
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The consultation period for this application is closed. Please contact the planner directly Meeting Dates
Olivia Antonel
Assistant Planner
(416) 394-6008
Community Meeting Date  Jun 20, 2016

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