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Ward 17 - North York District


Bayview Village development including two development sites (North and South). The North site is located at Bayview Mews and Hawksbury Drive, and is proposed to include one 20-storey mixed use building; two 6-storey mixed use buildings; and a retail addition to the existing Bayview Village Shopping Centre. The south site includes a mixed use building fronting onto Sheppard Avenue East with two towers (30 and 29 storeys); and a five storey parking structure located to the south of the Loblaws building. LPAT Appealed February 9, 2018. See LPAT File No. PL 180148, PL180149, PL180150 on LPAT website for more information
Type Number Date Submitted Status
OPA & Rezoning 17 208789 NNY 24 OZ Jul 31, 2017 Appeal Received  
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