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Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments to facilitate the revitalization of a large rental apartment building complex known as Wellesley-Parliament Square (located within St. James Town). The proposed development consists of:- changes to the ground floor layout and uses of the existing buildings- changes to the underground parking garage and configuration of loading and servicing areas- changes to the existing network of private streets and open spaces, including the proposed introduction of a public right-of-way (Rose Avenue) and a public park- the development of a new 51-storey tower with a 10-storey base building and 4-storey commercial base building (Builidng B2) - the development of a new 10-storey residential rental building (Building B1)- the development of a 5-storey non-residential building (Building B2) attached to 280 Wellesley St E- the development of four 3-storey townhouse blocks (A3, B3, B4, B5).The existing floor space index is 3.71 and the proposed floor space index is 5.49. There are 2,224 existing dwelling units and an additional 887 proposed dwelling units. There is 2,490 sq. metres of existing non-residential space and an additional 9,685 square metres of proposed non-residential space. There are approximately 1,555 existing parking spaces and an additional 29 proposed parking spaces.
Proposed Use    --- # of Storeys   51 # of Units   ---
Type Number Date Submitted Status
OPA & Rezoning 18 148195 STE 28 OZ Apr 24, 2018 Under Review   
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Leontine Major
Senior Planner
(416) 397-4079
Community Meeting Date  Jul 10, 2018

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