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Ward 20 - Scarborough District


Plan of Subdivision Application to create Blocks of development to support redeveloping the lands at 705 Warden Avenue comprising of the following: 39,321 square metres of residential gross floor area of which a portion would be dedicated to affordable housing (comprising of 7, 8 and 18 storey buildings); 2,897 square metres of indoor and outdoor amenity space; 535 square metres of retail/commercial space; and 3,834 square metres of a new public park. This application is associated with Rezoning Application No. 19 114204 ESC 20 OZ.
Proposed Use    --- # of Storeys   --- # of Units   ---
Type Number Date Submitted Status
Subdivision Approval 19 232762 ESC 20 SB Oct 7, 2019 Under Review   
Rezoning 19 114204 ESC 20 OZ Feb 11, 2019 Under Review   
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The consultation period for this application is closed. Please contact the planner directly Meeting Dates
Francis Kwashie
Senior Planner
Community Meeting Date  Sep 12, 2019

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