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  • Career Information

    Learn about specific jobs or sectors directly from employers, educators and industry experts, and receive information about the services and supports available to help you in your career.

  • Career Information Session for PAYE

    PAYE is a joint initiative between private sector employers, community partners, the City of Toronto and other stakeholders. Since 2007, PAYE has helped hundreds or young people find work with some of the City's top employers.

  • Community Service Information

    Accessing Opportunities.

  • Community Service Information

    Learn about programs and services offered by community and government agencies in your area.

  • Families

    Workshops for families.

  • How do I get There (Career Management)

    Make decisions and set goals on who you want to become. Create a plan with detailed steps on how to reach your goals. Identify the resources needed; such as job search supports or applying to training or educational providers.

  • Job Fairs

    An event where you have the opportunity to network with employers and apply for a variety of jobs.

  • Volunteer Recruitment

    An event where you can learn about and apply for unpaid work placements that will help you gain experience, develop skills and secure work-related references.

  • What's out There (Exploring, Learning and Work)

    Explore opportunities. Identify occupations and jobs that fit your interests, values and skills. Investigate fields of work or occupations and research local and global trends and educational requirements. Participate in lifelong learning.

  • Who am I (Personal Development)

    Knowing yourself. Identify characteristics that describe who you are; strengths, accomplishments, values, skills and work habits. Change and grow throughout life.

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