Heritage Property Detail
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Address: 1 AUSTIN TER
Ward: 12
Status: Designated Part IV
List Date: Jun 20, 1973
Intention Date:
By-Law: 545-87; 1303-2013
Part IV Date: Aug 10, 1987
Part V Date:
Heritage District: N/A
District Status: N/A
Heritage Easement Ag:
Registration Date:
Building Type: Residential
Construction Yr.:
Details: Casa Loma; 1910-1913, E.J. Lennox, DESIGNATION BY-LAW -adopted by City Council on June 20, 1973 DESIGNATION BY-LAW PASSED BY CITY COUNCIL on August 10, 1987. In 2013 City Council passed by-law 1303-2013 to amend by-law 545-87 to amend the Reasons for Designation and the legal description.
Demolition Date:
Primary Address: 1 AUSTIN TER