Heritage Property Detail
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Address: 130 QUEEN ST W
Ward: 10
Status: Designated Part IV
List Date: Jun 20, 1973
Intention Date:
By-Law: 477-90
Part IV Date: Sep 10, 1990
Part V Date:
Heritage District: N/A
District Status: N/A
Heritage Easement Ag:
Registration Date:
Building Type: Public
Construction Yr.:
Details: Osgoode Hall: East Wing, 1829-32, John Ewart; West Wing and alts. to East Wing, 1844-46, Henry Bowyer Lane; grounds laid out in 1843, J.G. Howard; centre rebuilt in 1857, Cumberland & Storm; First Law School addition, 1880, William Storm; Second Law Schoo
Demolition Date:
Primary Address: 130 QUEEN ST W