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Councillors: Constituency Services & Office Expense Reporting

Each Councillor has a constituency services and office budget of $30,450 to pay for expenses that are allowable under the Constituency Services and Office Budget Policy.

The Mayor has an annual operating budget approved by Council. Expenses disclosed relate to non-salary expenditures from this budget.

Due to the phasing out of the penny, there will be rounding up and down of petty cash reimbursements by $0.01 or $0.02 and these roundings are captured in the Other Expenses category. The supporting invoices for the petty cash reimbursements are shown in the category associated with the invoice.

Constituency Services & Office Expenses

Expenses charged to the Councillor's Constituency Services & Office Expense Budget by expense category including scanned copies of invoices.

Council General Expenses

The Constituency Services and Office Budget Policy approved by Toronto City Council on July 11, 12 and 13, 2012 and the Parameters for Councillor Constituency Offices approved by Toronto City Council on October 30, 31 and November 1, 2012 provide:

- wireless devices and associated voice and data plans to Councillors as standard equipment funded from the Council General Expense Budget as well as roaming charges provided that the Councillor has notified the appropriate City staff and roaming plans have been set up for the Councillor, prior to leaving the City;

- a constituency office, within a civic centre (including City Hall) or within the Councillors' respective wards, to be funded from the Council General Expense budget;

- an amount equivalent to the cost of postage or delivery by other means of one newsletter to all households within the ward, based on the 2011 census information, and at a rate not to exceed the current Canada Post standard admail rate, paid for from the Council General Expense Budget.

Business Travel Expenses

Councillors who fulfill an official capacity with a municipal organization of which the City is a member are reimbursed from the Council Business Travel Budget for their travel costs related to Board and Committee meetings.