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Registry of Declared Interests

Effective March 1, 2019, the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, (https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/90m50) requires municipalities to make a registry of declarations of interest available for public inspection. Using the options found below, you can easily generate and review the record of declared interests for an individual Member of Council and download the report as comma-separated values (.csv) file.

Verbal declarations are recorded and published as part of the minutes of each meeting. Changes to the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act now require Members to submit a written declaration in addition to making a verbal declaration. Both are captured in this registry as of March 1, 2019. Records prior to March 1, 2019 contain only verbal declarations verbal and the Act does not require retroactive written declarations.

In order to view the data, you must select a term of Council, from the dropdown menu, and a Member's name. You can also select a specific Committee and identify a date range to narrow down their search results.

Description of the data

  • The declaration data for an item becomes available when the minutes for a meeting have been published. For agendas with a large number of items, there can be a delay of several days after a meeting before this customized data becomes available
  • Item number provides a hyperlink to the item view. The item view provides a complete history on the item and includes the text and links to declarations made on that item.
  • Written declarations are links to a PDF copy of the original written document presented to the Clerk. If you require assistance with these documents, please contact the appropriate Committee or Council team.
  • The receive date is the date the written declaration was received by the Clerk.
  • Members listed also include public Members appointed to Boards by City Council

Guide to the data:
Committee - name of the committee, board or Council where the item was considered and the declaration was made
Item - Item number as a hyperlink
Item Title - title of the item
Verbal Declaration Date - date that the Member made the verbal declaration
Verbal Declaration - the verbal declaration as recorded by the Clerk or board secretary

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Download all available declared interest records for the 2018-2022 term