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Attendance Reporting for Members of Toronto City Council

Using the options found below, you can easily generate the attendance records for an individual Member of Council and even download the report as comma-separated values (.csv) files. Attendance records in these reports are available from 2010 onward. Attendance records have been available online since 1999 as part of the meeting minutes. Click here to review past attendance records contained in published minutes - prior to 2010.

Description of the data

  • The attendance record data for a meeting becomes available when the minutes for a meeting have been published. For agendas with a large number of items, there can and will be a delay of several days after a meeting before this customized data becomes available.
  • Since 2010, attendance records have been made available in this downloadable format (not just in the published minutes). You may also find downloadable records prior 2010 that are the result of on-going data-conversion work for last-term meetings.
  • A Member is recorded as being present if he or she attends any or all sessions of a meeting.
  • "Closed Session" indicates a session was closed to the public under section 27-38 of the Council Procedures by-law.
  • "Roll Call" indicates when a meeting chair "called the roll" to ensure quorum was present.

These datasets are part of our ongoing commitment to proactive disclosure and the open data project at www.toronto.ca/open.
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Download all available attendance records for the 2018-2022 term