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Meeting Monitor

Monitor the status of agenda items during City Council, Community Council and Standing Committee meetings

The meeting monitor service lets you monitor the status of agenda items that are being considered during Standing Committee, Community Council and City Council meetings. Near real-time updates are provided on the status of items. This includes: the title and reference number of item that is currently being considered, time-specific information for scheduled items with registered speakers (deputations), and the status of items that have already been dealt with (eg. adopted, amended, deferred, or referred). The meeting monitor also identifies items that have been held by committee members for debate.

Current & Scheduled Meetings Completed Meetings

The City is publishing this unofficial summary for convenience and reference. As an unofficial summary, readers should verify decision information before acting on it. For the official record of decisions, please refer to the decision document or minutes. Documents are available from the City Clerk's office (http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/agendas.htm) or you can call the City Clerk's Office at 416-392-8016.

If you have questions or comments, email clerk@toronto.ca.