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Executive Committee - Meeting 21 - January 19, 2017

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EX21.1 Election of Chair for 2017-2018 - Budget Committee  (Ward All) Amended
EX21.2 Election of Chair for 2017-2018 - Employee and Labour Relations Committee  (Ward All) Amended
EX21.3 Bill 68, Modernizing Ontario's Municipal Legislation Act, 2016 - Implications for the City of Toronto  (Ward All) Adopted
EX21.4 Amendments to the Master Agreement between the Canadian National Exhibition Association, Exhibition Place and City of Toronto  (Ward All) Adopted
EX21.5 Public Art and Monuments Donation Policy  (Ward All) Adopted
EX21.6 Report on Count Yourself In: Workforce Survey- Response Results  (Ward All) Adopted
EX21.7 TOcore - Planning Downtown - Legislative Tools to Support Growth  (Ward All) Adopted
EX21.8 Authority for the Yonge-Dundas Square Board of Management to Enter into a Ten-Year Contract with Outfront Media Canada and Update to Dundas Square Special Sign District Regulations for 1 Dundas Street East (Yonge-Dundas Square)  (Ward 27) Adopted
EX21.9 Update on the Shared Services Project  (Ward All) Adopted
EX21.10 Standard Community Use Agreement for City Funded Assets on School Sites  (Ward All) Adopted
EX21.11 Talent Blueprint Progress Update, Including Performance Measures for 2014-2015 and Planned Key Actions for 2016-2018  (Ward All) Adopted
EX21.12 Occupational Health and Safety Report - First and Second Quarters 2016  (Ward All) Adopted
EX21.13 Governance and Financial By-laws - The Board of Governors of Exhibition Place  (Ward 14, 19) Adopted
EX21.14 Toronto Transit Commission Capital Program Delivery Review  (Ward All) Amended
EX21.15 Toronto Transit Commission 2015 Annual Report on Diversity and Human Rights Achievements  (Ward All) Adopted
EX21.16 Transit Fare Inspection and Enforcement Model Update - Toronto Transit Commission  (Ward All) Adopted
EX21.17 Toronto Hydro's Hired Consulting Firms  (Ward All) Deferred Indefinitely
EX21.18 Request for Report on Automatically Recognizing Historical Events Acknowledged by Global Affairs Canada  (Ward All) Adopted
EX21.19 Commuter Parking Options  (Ward All) Amended
EX21.20 Hosting the 2017 Pan American Women's Handball Championship  (Ward All) Amended