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Executive Committee - Meeting 24 - April 19, 2017

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EX24.1 Program Advisory Bodies - Key Activities for 2016  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.2 Changes to Heritage Toronto Relationship Framework and Board Composition  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.3 Revised 2017 Audit Work Plan  (Ward All) Amended
EX24.4 Authority to Implement Alternative Voting Method for Home-Bound Electors  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.5 Remuneration and Expenses of Members of Council and of Council Appointees to Agencies, Corporations and Other Bodies for the Year Ended December 31, 2016  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.6 Preserving Affordable Rental Homes and Supports at 33 Hahn Place  (Ward 28) Adopted
EX24.7 Adjustments to Two Affordable Housing Loans to the YWCA of Greater Toronto  (Ward 27) Deferred
EX24.8 Closure of Toronto Community Housing Corporation Units at Firgrove Crescent: Dune Grassway and Blue Grassway-Marsh Grassway  (Ward 7) Amended
EX24.9 Status of Cash-In-Lieu of Parkland  (Ward All) Referred
EX24.10 Open Data Master Plan - Update Report  (Ward All) Amended
EX24.11 2017 Education Property Tax Levy and Clawback Rate By-Law  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.12 Annual Report on City's Loan and Loan Guarantee Portfolios  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.13 Providing New Housing Opportunities at 389 Church Street  (Ward 27) Adopted
EX24.14 Providing Property Tax Exemptions for New Affordable Rental Homes at 10 York Street  (Ward 20) Adopted
EX24.15 Providing Property Tax Exemptions for New Affordable Rental Homes at 257 Dundas Street East  (Ward 27) Adopted
EX24.16 Providing Property Tax Exemptions for New Affordable Rental Homes at 55 and 57 Humewood Drive  (Ward 21) Adopted
EX24.17 Pre-Development Support for Three Open Door Program Affordable Housing Sites  (Ward 14, 18, 19) Adopted
EX24.18 2017 Capital Budget Adjustments for Carry Forward Funding  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.19 Toronto Water 2016 Year End Capital Budget and 2017-2025 Capital Plan Adjustments  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.20 Facilities 2017 Capital Budget and 2018 - 2026 Capital Plan Adjustments (the First Quarter)  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.21 Fleet Services 2016 Year End Capital Budget Adjustment  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.22 Toronto Community Housing Corporation Multi Building Energy Retrofit Financing Request  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.23 Accessibility of City-funded Events - Canada 150 Celebration  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.24 Employment for Persons with Disabilities at the City of Toronto  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.25 Name of the Disability, Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.26 Implications of Automated Vehicles for Toronto Transit Commission  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.27 Procedures By-law - Board of Governors of Exhibition Place  (Ward All) Adopted
EX24.28 Proposed Amendment to the Rules of Council and Committee Debate  (Ward All) Withdrawn
EX24.29 Opposing the State of New York's Proposed "Buy American" Legislation  (Ward All) Amended


Crime and Evictions for Cause in Toronto Community Housing  (Ward All) Adopted


Proposal for Joint Meeting of Public Work and Infrastructure and Licensing and Standards Committees - Sidewalk Café and Marketing By-law/Sidewalk Café Design Manual  (Ward All) Adopted