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Executive Committee - Meeting 25 - May 16, 2017

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EX25.1 Advancing Planning and Design for the Relief Line and Yonge Subway Extension  (Ward All) Amended
EX25.2 Amendment to Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 3, Accountability Officers Regarding the Records Retention Process for the Records of the Accountability Officers  (Ward All) Adopted
EX25.3 City of Toronto Multilingual Information Provisions Policy  (Ward All) Amended
EX25.4 Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Incorporated - Annual General Meeting and 2016 Audited Financial Statements  (Ward All) Adopted
EX25.5 2017 Toronto Community Housing Corporation Refinancing through Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation Prepayment Program  (Ward All) Adopted
EX25.6 Proposed Stormwater Charge - Results of Consultation and Next Steps  (Ward All) Amended
EX25.7 City of Toronto Revised Investment Policy  (Ward All) Referred
EX25.8 Toronto Hydro Corporation Equity Investment Funding  (Ward All) Adopted
EX25.9 City-Wide Real Estate Transformation  (Ward All) Amended
EX25.10 Future of the City's Vacant Commercial and Industrial Tax Rebate Program  (Ward All) Adopted
EX25.11 Rental Affordability in Toronto  (Ward All) Amended
EX25.12 Capital Variance Report for the Three-Month Period Ended March 31, 2017  (Ward All) Amended
EX25.13 Operating Variance Report for the Three-Month Period Ended March 31, 2017  (Ward All) Adopted
EX25.14 Facilities 2017 Capital Budget and 2018 - 2026 Capital Plan Adjustments and Accelerations / Deferrals (Second Quarter)  (Ward 27, 28, 29, 34) Adopted
EX25.15 Toronto Water 2017 Capital Budget and 2018-2026 Capital Plan Budget Reallocations  (Ward All) Adopted
EX25.16 Toronto Public Library 2016 Year End Capital Budget and 2017 Capital Budget Adjustments  (Ward All) Referred
EX25.17 Application Fee for Short Stream Utility Permits  (Ward All) Adopted
EX25.18 2018 Budget Process - Budget Directions and Schedule  (Ward All) Amended
EX25.19 Transformational Task Force Final Report - Action Plan: The Way Forward  (Ward All) Referred
EX25.20 Toronto Police Services Board - Abuse and Misuse of Accessible Parking Permits  (Ward All) Amended
EX25.21 Toronto Police Service - 2016 Annual Hate/Bias Crime Statistical Report  (Ward All) Adopted
EX25.22 Unlocking FM Radio on Smartphones  (Ward All) Amended
EX25.23 Opposing the Possible Privatization of Canada's Airports  (Ward All) Referred
EX25.24 Exploring the Feasibility of Unlocking the Gatineau Hydro Corridor for Residential Development  (Ward All) Withdrawn


Adjustments to the Parks, Forestry and Recreation and Children's Services 2017 Capital Budgets and Future Year Commitments  (Ward 20, 28) Adopted


Smart City Initiative  (Ward All) Amended