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Government Management Committee - Meeting 23 - November 13, 2017

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GM23.1 (9:45 AM)  Apportionment of Property Taxes - November 13, 2017 Hearing  (Ward All) Amended
GM23.2 (9:45 AM)  Cancellation, Reduction or Refund of Property Taxes - November 13, 2017 Hearing  (Ward All) Adopted
GM23.3 Consolidation of Text of The Corporation of the City of York Employee Pension Plan  (Ward All) Adopted
GM23.4 Appeal Decision - Toronto District School Board v. Cogeco Data Services Inc.  (Ward All) Adopted
GM23.5 Properties leased by Real Estate Services - Designation of a Portion of Premises as a Municipal Capital Facility  (Ward 11, 20, 22, 42) Adopted
GM23.6 Bringing Significant Procurements to Council Prior to Issuance  (Ward All) Adopted
GM23.7 The Feasibility of Developing a Canadian Content Policy for Toronto's Procurements in Compliance with Existing Trade Agreements  (Ward All) Deferred
GM23.8 Feasibility of Requiring Gender Diversity of Corporation Boards in City Procurements  (Ward All) Amended
GM23.9 Proprietary Information Technology Maintenance and Support Contract Renewals and Amendments  (Ward All) Adopted
GM23.10 Request to Extend Contract No. 47017237 with Xerox Canada Limited  (Ward All) Adopted
GM23.11 Provision of the Supply, Delivery and First Year Maintenance and Support of Oracle Software Licences from Oracle Canada ULC  (Ward All) Adopted
GM23.12 Land Donation Located at 107 Comrie Terrace  (Ward 36) Adopted
GM23.13 Acquisition of 925 Albion Road for Multi-Service Centre and Parkland Purposes  (Ward 1) Adopted
GM23.14 Affordable Rental Housing - New Lease Agreements at 1313 Queen Street West, 125 Manse Road, 1177 King Street West, 156 and 158 Munro Street and 140, 163 and 164 Spadina Road  (Ward 14, 20, 30, 44) Adopted
GM23.15 Termination of the Offer to Donate Land from Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries (MPGC) to the City of Toronto  (Ward 23) Withdrawn
GM23.16 Expropriation of 1269 Danforth Road, Scarborough Subway Extension  (Ward 38) Adopted
GM23.17 Expropriation of 13 Barberry Place and 23 Barberry Place for New East/West Road  (Ward 24) Adopted
GM23.18 Facilities Management Service Review of External Cleaning Contracts  (Ward All) Adopted
GM23.19 Amendment to Purchase Order No. 6042010 Lower Don River Trail Improvements  (Ward 29) Adopted
GM23.20 Amendment to Purchase Order No. 6044167 with Mopal Construction Limited for Construction Work at the Guild Inn  (Ward 43) Adopted
GM23.21 Contract Amendment for Corporate Express, Canada Inc. Operating as Staples Advantage Canada for the Non-exclusive Supply and Delivery of Office Supplies and Related Products  (Ward All) Adopted
GM23.22 Fair Wage Policy Compliance Verification - Aloia Brothers Concrete Contractors Ltd.  (Ward All) Amended
GM23.23 Pegah Construction Ltd. - Disqualification from City Contracts, Fair Wage Policy Non-Compliance  (Ward All) Amended


Meeting the City of Toronto’s Environmental and Circular Economic Commitments through Procurement  (Ward All) Amended
GM23.25 Enactment of By-laws  Adopted