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Community Development and Recreation Committee - Meeting 22 - September 11, 2017

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Video Archive - September 11, 2017 - 9:29 AM

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CD22.1 City of Toronto Sport Plan  (Ward All) Amended
CD22.2 Assessments of Licensed Child Care Conducted by the City of Toronto and the Ministry of Education  (Ward All) Amended
CD22.3 Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centres - Planning and Implementation Update  (Ward All) Adopted
CD22.4 Expanding Indigenous-led Early Years Programs and Services  (Ward All) Amended
CD22.5 Toronto Seniors Forum: Making Things Happen  (Ward All) Amended
CD22.6 Impact of Community Partnership and Investment Program Grants and Social Development, Finance and Administration Request for Approval of New Initiatives Report  (Ward All) Amended
CD22.7 Specialized Program for Interdivisional Enhanced Responsiveness (SPIDER) - Update  (Ward All) Adopted
CD22.8 2017-2019 Community Grants to Address Homelessness  (Ward All) Adopted
CD22.9 Lawrence Heights Phase 1B Service Manager Consent  (Ward 15) Adopted
CD22.10 Toronto Paramedic Services - Open Data  (Ward All) Referred
CD22.11 Toronto Fire Services - Open Data  (Ward All) Referred
CD22.12 Toronto Fire Services - Operations Recruit Class 2017-01  (Ward All) Amended
CD22.13 Board Governance at the Rexdale Community Hub  (Ward 1) Adopted