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Planning and Growth Management Committee - Meeting 22 - September 7, 2017

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PG22.1 TOcore: Proposed Downtown Plan  (Ward 20, 27, 28) Amended
PG22.2 Planning an Age-Friendly Toronto - Alignment of Official Plan Policies and City Planning Initiatives  (Ward All) Adopted
PG22.3 721 Eastern Avenue - Zoning By-law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision Applications - Preliminary Report  (Ward 30) Amended
PG22.4 Airport Zoning Regulation to Protect Hospital Helicopter Flight Paths - Preliminary Report  (Ward 20, 27, 28) Adopted
PG22.5 Inclusion on the City of Toronto's Heritage Register - Midtown in Focus - Phase 1: Main Street Properties  (Ward 16, 22, 25, 26) Amended
PG22.6 Status Update: Heritage Register and City-wide Heritage Survey  (Ward All) Amended
PG22.7 Status Update: Electronic Circulation Process for Potential Heritage Properties Under Review  (Ward All) Adopted
PG22.8 Approval of 2017 Toronto Heritage Grant Awards  (Ward All) Adopted
PG22.9 (11:00 AM)  City-Initiated St. Clair Avenue Study - Between Old Weston Road and Blackthorn Avenue/Spring Grove Avenue - Zoning By-law Amendment - Final Report  (Ward 17 - Statutory: Planning Act, RSO 1990) Adopted
PG22.10 City Planning Division - Study Work Program Update  (Ward All) Deferred
PG22.11 Work Plan for the End to End Review of the Development Review Process  (Ward All) Adopted
PG22.12 Group Home Community Information  (Ward All) Deferred Indefinitely
PG22.13 Balancing Music Venues and New Development  (Ward All) Amended


Residential Solar Panel Protection Provisions  Deferred