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Public Works and Infrastructure Committee - Meeting 22 - June 8, 2017

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PW22.1 Agreements/Encroachment Permits with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation for Sewer and Water Infrastructure  (Ward All) Adopted
PW22.2 Settlement of Claim - Contract 09FS-70WS - 900 mm and 750 mm Watermains on Avenue Road from High Level Pumping Station to Caribou Road and 400 mm Watermain on Avenue Road from MacPherson Avenue to Poplar Plains Crescent  (Ward 16, 22) Adopted
PW22.3 Non-Competitive Contract for the Supply and Maintenance for Recycling and Garbage Bins  (Ward All) Adopted
PW22.4 New Provincial Waste Management Framework Legislation - Bill 151: Waste-Free Ontario Act, 2016 - Update  (Ward All) Adopted
PW22.5 Front Yard Parking Regulations  (Ward All) Amended
PW22.6 Eglinton Crosstown LRT Long-Term Roadway Amendments: Kennedy Station  (Ward 35, 37) Adopted
PW22.7 Lower Yonge Precinct Environmental Assessment Study  (Ward 28) Adopted
PW22.8 Heathfield Drive Path Maintenance, Ward 43 Scarborough East  (Ward 43) Referred


Streetcar Service on Queen Street  (Ward All) Amended