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Public Works and Infrastructure Committee - Meeting 24 - October 18, 2017

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PW24.1 Amendment to Purchase Orders No. 6037278 for Engineering Services for Construction Contract Administration for the P Building Upgrade and Odour Control Project at the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant  (Ward 32) Adopted
PW24.2 Amendment to Purchase Orders No. 6041805 for Truck Loading Biofilter Upgrades at the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant, Contract No. 15ECS-MI-01AB  (Ward 32) Adopted
PW24.3 Utility Locate Services for Business Improvement Areas as Required by the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification Act (ON1Call)  (Ward All) Adopted
PW24.4 Improving Accountability in the Utility Cut Process  (Ward All) Amended
PW24.5 Speed Limit on Bayview Avenue from Pottery Road (Northerly Intersection) to River Street Ramp  (Ward 26, 27, 28, 29) Amended
PW24.6 Green Streets Technical Guidelines  (Ward All) Amended
PW24.7 Preparing Toronto for Electric Vehicles  (Ward All) Amended
PW24.8 Freight and Goods Movement Strategy Framework  (Ward All) Amended
PW24.9 Bloor Street West Bike Lane Pilot Project Evaluation  (Ward 19, 20) Amended