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Economic Development Committee - Meeting 31 - July 9, 2018

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Video Archive - July 9, 2018 - 9:29 AM

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ED31.1 Greater Toronto Airports Authority - Update  (Ward All) Received
ED31.2 Economic Development Committee Chair's Remarks 2011-2018 Review  (Ward All) Received
ED31.3 Deaccessioning and Transfer of the City of Toronto's Lancaster Bomber  (Ward All) Amended
ED31.4 Asia (Japan and China) Mission 2018  (Ward All) Adopted
ED31.5 Los Angeles Mission 2018  (Ward All) Adopted
ED31.6 Requests for Attendance at the Film Board's Customer Service Enhancements Working Group  (Ward All) Adopted
ED31.7 Imagination, Manufacturing, Innovation and Technology (IMIT) Property Tax Incentive Program- Applications  (Ward 10, 20, 28) Without Recs
ED31.8 Authority to Receive Funds to Increase Awareness and Take-up of the Canada Learning Bond in Toronto  (Ward All) Adopted
ED31.9 Appointments to Business Improvement Area Boards of Management  (Ward 15, 17) Adopted
ED31.10 Renewing Canada's Walk of Fame as a Celebration and a Destination  Amended
ED31.11 Toronto Economic Bulletin  (Ward All) Adopted