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Executive Committee - Meeting 30 - January 24, 2018

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EX30.1 Waterfront Transit Network Plan  (Ward 5, 6, 13, 14, 19, 20, 28, 30, 32) Amended
EX30.2 Implementing Tenants First - Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) Scattered Portfolio Plan and an Interim Selection Process for Tenant Directors on the Toronto Community Housing Corporation Board  (Ward All) Amended
EX30.3 (10:00 AM)  Development Charges By-law Review  (Ward All - Statutory: Development Charges Act, SO 1997) Amended
EX30.4 Implementation of Municipal Accommodation Tax (Hotel and Short-Term Rental Tax)  (Ward All) Amended
EX30.5 Tax Policy Tools to Support Businesses  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.6 Review of the Imagination, Manufacturing, Innovation and Technology Property Tax Incentive Program  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.7 Financial Impacts Resulting from High Lake Water Levels in Waterfront Parklands  (Ward 6, 13, 14, 19, 20, 28, 30, 32, 36, 43, 44) Amended
EX30.8 Old City Hall - Future Uses and Tenant Options  (Ward 27) Amended
EX30.9 Sidewalk Toronto  (Ward 30) Referred
EX30.10 Toronto Hydro Corporation Review of Executive Compensation Policy  (Ward All) Referred
EX30.11 Site Selection for a New Consolidated Police Station - 54/55 Division  (Ward 29, 30, 31, 32) Amended
EX30.12 Toronto's Open Data Master Plan  (Ward All) Amended
EX30.13 Use Agreement for The Bentway  (Ward 19, 20) Adopted
EX30.14 Authority to Enter Into Bid Agreements for the 2026 FIFA World Cup  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.15 City of Toronto Interests Regarding Airport Ownership  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.16 Updated Use of City Resources During an Election Period Policy  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.17 Review of Code of Conduct for Members of Local Boards (Restricted Definition), including Adjudicative Boards, the Toronto Investment Board and the Realty Agency Board  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.18 Adjustments to Two Affordable Housing Loans to the YWCA of Greater Toronto  (Ward 27) Adopted
EX30.19 Affordable Rental and Ownership Housing Opportunities in Thistletown - 51 Panorama Court  (Ward 1) Adopted
EX30.20 Status Report of St. Hilda's Towers Seniors Housing  (Ward 15) Adopted
EX30.21 Phase Two Affordable Rental Homes at the Mirvish Village Redevelopment  (Ward 19) Adopted
EX30.22 Modernization of 389 Church Street  (Ward 27) Adopted
EX30.23 2017 Toronto Transit Commission Capital Budget In-Year Technical Adjustment  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.24 2016 Toronto Transit Commission Diversity and Human Rights Achievements  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.25 Request to Amend Eligibility Requirements for School Board Child Care Capital Funding  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.26 Request to Amend Site Plan Approvals Protocol for Schools  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.27 Dynamic Symbol of Access - Inclusion on City-owned Properties and in the Ontario Building Code and Highway Traffic Act  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.28 Employment Accessibility at the City of Toronto  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.29 Request for Staff Presentation at Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee - Bloor Street Bike Lanes  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.30 Request for Staff Presentation at Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee - Accessibility at Construction Sites on Public Spaces  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.31 Request for Staff Presentation at Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee - Accessibility Features of the City of Toronto Website  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.32 Exploring a Carbon Price Policy for City of Toronto Projects  (Ward All) Adopted
EX30.33 Cost of Preventing Information Being Released at Toronto Hydro  (Ward All) Without Recs


Council Authority Required for City to Take Part in Province's Development Charges Rebate Program - March 2nd Deadline  (Ward All) Without Recs


Review of Capping Executive Compensation Policies at the City's Agencies and Corporations  (Ward All) Adopted