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Executive Committee - Meeting 34 - May 14, 2018

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EX34.1 Eglinton East Light Rail Transit Project Update and Next Steps  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.2 Toronto Seniors Strategy Version 2.0  (Ward All) Amended
EX34.3 Implementing Tenants First - Creating a Seniors Housing Unit at Toronto Community Housing Corporation and Transitioning Towards a Seniors Housing and Services Entity at the City  (Ward All) Amended
EX34.4 Optimizing the City-Wide Office Portfolio  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.5 Scarborough Waterfront Project - Environmental Assessment and Next Steps  (Ward 36, 43, 44) Amended
EX34.6 Response Times and Service Levels for Various City Divisions  (Ward All) Referred
EX34.7 2016 Annual Human Rights Office Report and the Human Rights and Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.8 Filling of Senior Level Staff Vacancies  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.9 Equity Responsive Budgeting  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.10 Supporting Equity Goals with Disaggregated Data  (Ward All) Amended
EX34.11 Report on Outstanding Matters Related to City's Accountability Offices  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.12 Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Inc. - Annual General Meeting and 2017 Audited Financial Statements  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.13 Home Dialysis Water Rebate Program  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.14 Replenishment of Funding for School Lands Property Acquisition  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.15 Creating New Affordable Rental Homes at John Street and King Street in the Weston Community/Cultural Hub  (Ward 11) Adopted
EX34.16 Suicide Prevention Through Bridge Modification  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.17 Donation from Spin Master LTD. to Shelter, Support and Housing Administration and Toronto Community Housing Corporation  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.18 Facilities 2018 Capital Budget and 2019 - 2027 Capital Plan Adjustments and Accelerations / Deferrals (First Quarter)  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.19 Project Costs Adjustments and Deferrals/Accelerations to the Parks, Forestry and Recreation 2018 Capital Budget and 2019-2027 Capital Plan  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.20 City of Toronto's Indigenous Cultural Competency Training - Update  (Ward All) Amended
EX34.21 Refining Eligibility Criteria for the Creative Co-Location Facilities Property Subclasses  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.22 Parks, Forestry and Recreation Facilities Master Plan - Implications for School Boards  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.23 Planning Child Care in Schools - Consultation with School Boards  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.24 Final Progress Report - City-School Boards Advisory Committee Staff Workplan  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.25 2018 Election Accessibility Plan  (Ward All) Amended
EX34.26 Accessibility - Bloor Street Bike Lane, Shaw Street to Avenue Road  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.27 Accessibility at Construction Sites  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.28 Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee Outstanding 2017 Agenda Items - Sidewalk Cafés  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.29 Accessibility During Construction - Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT)  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.30 Wheel-Trans Appeals Process  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.31 Amendment to Municipal Code Chapter 223, Remuneration for Council Members  (Ward All) Adopted
EX34.32 Accountability and Transparency in Transit Planning - Judicial Inquiry into Information Provided to Councillors regarding the Scarborough Subway Extension and the Scarborough Light Rail Line at the July 2016 Council Meeting  (Ward All) Deferred Indefinitely