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Government Management Committee - Meeting 24 - January 11, 2018

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GM24.1 Consolidation of Text of the Toronto Civic Employees' Pension and Benefit Fund (Civic), the Metropolitan Toronto Pension Plan (Metro) and the Metropolitan Police Benefit Fund (Police)  (Ward All) Adopted
GM24.2 The Feasibility of Developing a Canadian Content Policy for Toronto's Procurements in Compliance with Existing Trade Agreements  (Ward All) Amended
GM24.3 Implementation of the City's Enterprise Time, Attendance and Scheduling System within Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PF&R) and Toronto Paramedic Services (TPS) - Update  (Ward All) Adopted
GM24.4 Future Options for City Operated Golf Courses  (Ward 2, 10, 11, 16, 23, 25, 39) Amended
GM24.5 Renewal of Contract No. 47020391 to TBM Service Group  (Ward All) Adopted
GM24.6 Grant of Easements to Toronto Hydro for Site-specific Services at nominal consideration, including Downsview Park and Finch West Stations  (Ward All) Adopted
GM24.7 Acquisition of 126 Elmcrest Road for Parkland Purposes  (Ward 3) Adopted
GM24.8 Expropriation of Permanent and Temporary Easement, 500 Dawes Road  (Ward 31) Adopted
GM24.9 Expropriation of Permanent Easements at 685 Lansdowne Avenue, 699 Lansdowne Avenue and 478 St. Clarens Avenue  (Ward 18) Adopted
GM24.10 Expropriation of the Right of Way Easement Interest in favour of 40 Avondale Avenue over Parts of 44 Avondale Avenue  (Ward 23) Adopted
GM24.11 Expropriation of 3300 Kingston Road  (Ward 36) Adopted
GM24.12 Expropriation of Residential Condominium Units - 414 Dawes Road  (Ward 31) Adopted
GM24.13 Professional Services for Uniface BV to Support the City's Toronto Maintenance Management System  (Ward All) Adopted