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Public Works and Infrastructure Committee - Meeting 31 - July 10, 2018

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PW31.1 Annual Report - Lead in Drinking Water Mitigation Strategy  (Ward All) Adopted
PW31.2 Sewers and Water Supply By-laws 2017 Compliance and Enforcement Annual Report  (Ward All) Adopted
PW31.3 Congestion Management Plan - Semi-Annual Update  (Ward All) Adopted
PW31.4 Amendment to Purchase Order No. 6042538 for Engineering Services for Pre-Design and Detailed Design for the Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation  (Ward 22, 27) Adopted
PW31.5 Contract Awards for Tender Call No. 39-2018 and Tender Call No. 40-2018 for the Construction of Sewers and Watermains Associated with the Basement Flooding Protection Program  (Ward 7, 8, 9, 15, 16) Adopted
PW31.6 Authority to Negotiate a Non-Competitive Contract with Aclara Technologies LLC for the Supply of Proprietary Meter Reading Hardware, System Upgrade and Annual Maintenance and Support  (Ward All) Adopted
PW31.7 Minding the Gap - Request for Authority to Receive Federal Funding for an Automated Shuttle Pilot Project  (Ward All) Adopted
PW31.8 Metrolinx Eglinton Crosstown LRT: Long-Term Road Closures and Traffic Regulation Amendments  (Ward 21, 22, 25, 26) Adopted
PW31.9 Parking Amendment - Broadway Avenue  (Ward 22, 25) Adopted
PW31.10 Options to Address Single-Use Items, Misleading Advertising, and Textile Waste in the City of Toronto  (Ward All) Amended
PW31.11 Green Bin Organic Waste Processing and Capacity in the Province of Ontario  (Ward All) Adopted
PW31.12 Review of the Scheduling and Awarding of Curb Cut Repair Contracts  (Ward All) Adopted


Finch West Mobility Greenway  (Ward All) Referred