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Meeting No. 8   (Special)   Contact Rosalind Dyers, Committee Administrator
Meeting Date Monday, June 22, 2015
  Phone 416-392-7033
Start Time 6:00 PM
Location Committee Room 1, City Hall
  Chair   Councillor Mike Layton  

Councillor Ana Bailão 

Councillor Joe Cressy

Councillor Janet Davis

Councillor Paula Fletcher

Councillor Mary Fragedakis

Councillor Mike Layton, Chair

Councillor Josh Matlow

Councillor Pam McConnell

Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon

Councillor Joe Mihevc

Councillor Gord Perks

Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, Vice-Chair


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Schedule of Timed Items


6:00 p.m.          -           TE8.1


Declarations of Interest under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.



Speakers/Presentations – A complete list will be distributed at the meeting


Introduction and Enactment of General Bills and Bill to Confirm the Proceedings of Community Council will be the last item.



6:00 PM 


Ward: 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 

30 km/h Speed Limit on Local Roads in the Toronto and East York Community Council Area
(June 3, 2015) Report from the General Manager, Transportation Services

The General Manager, Transportation Services recommends that Toronto and East York Community Council:


1.  Use the City Council approved 30 km/h Speed Limit Policy as the means by which to consider reducing the speed limit from 40 km/h to 30 km/h on local roads in the Toronto and East York District.


The purpose of this report is to respond to a request from the Toronto and East York Community Council on the feasibility of reducing the posted speed limits on all local roads from 40 km/h to 30 km/h in the Toronto and East York District.


This report provides data, information and statistics related to collision frequency, collision outcomes and their locations involving pedestrians and cyclists during the period of 2009 to 2013 in the Toronto and East York Community Council (TEYCC) district. The information presented allows for some high level conclusions to be drawn, specifically that, most severe outcomes (fatalities) involving pedestrians and cyclists in the TEYCC district occur on higher speed Major and Minor Arterial roads.


In addition, information related to the relative merits of reducing speed limits on a broader scale are considered and the associated costs and resource implications, along with the timeframe for the rollout of 30 km/h speeds on the locals roads is discussed in greater depth below.

Financial Impact

Should Toronto and East York Community Council request that Transportation Services reduce the speed limit on all local roads from 40 km/h to 30 km/h in the Toronto and East York District, then it is anticipated that additional funding for implementation would be required to cover the cost of signage installation and signal timing adjustments.
Based on 387.1 kilometres of local roads that would have to be signed as 30 km/h, approximately 4,450 signs would have to be installed and each sign installation would cost $225 for a total cost of $1,001,250.00, using City forces.  In addition, given the wide-spread change in the posted speed limit of all local roads, this would necessitate the re-timing of approximately 310 traffic signals to ensure proper signal clearance times through the signalized intersections.  Each signal adjusted would cost $200 for a total cost of $62,000.00.  The total cost of all works would be approximately $1.100 million, and given the Division's current operating budget pressures, this additional funding would have to be secured during the 2016 Annual Budget process.


The Deputy City Manager and Chief Financial Officer has reviewed this report and agrees with the financial impact information.

Background Information
(June 3, 2015) Report from the General Manager, Transportation Services - 30 km/h Speed Limit on Local Roads in the Toronto and East York Community Council Area

Making Toronto More Walk-Friendly & Safer for Pedestrians - 2014 Achievements

(June 22, 2015) Presentation from the General Manager, Transportation Services - Reducing the Speed Limit on Local Roads from 40 to 30 km/h in the Toronto and East York Community Council Area

(May 25, 2015) E-mail from Michelle Mumford (TE.Supp.TE8.1.1)
(May 25, 2015) E-mail from Rebecca Cunningham Andre (TE.Supp.TE8.1.2)
(May 25, 2015) E-mail from Christa Weber and Gordon Shannon (TE.Supp.TE8.1.3)
(June 3, 2015) E-mail from Denise Mumford (TE.Supp.TE8.1.4)
(June 11, 2015) E-mail from Ilana Kotin (TE.Supp.TE8.1.5)
(June 15, 2015) E-mail from Jacques Desjardins (TE.Supp.TE8.1.6)
(June 17, 2015) E-mail from Harris Silver (TE.Supp.TE8.1.7)
(June 17, 2015) E-mail from Chris Papatolis (TE.Supp.TE8.1.8)
(June 19, 2015) Letter from Dylan Reid, Walk Toronto and Nancy Smith Lea, Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TE.Supp.TE8.1.9)

(June 18, 2015) E-mail from Cathie Macdonald, Deer Park Residents' Group (TE.Supp.TE8.1.10)

(June 19, 2015) E-mail from John Fulford-Brown (TE.Supp.TE8.1.11)
(June 19, 2015) E-mail from Sarah Nixey (TE.Supp.TE8.1.12)
(June 10, 2015) E-mail from Corin Toporas (TE.Supp.TE8.1.13)
(June 19, 2015) E-mail from Judith Parker (TE.Supp.TE8.1.14)
(June 19, 2015) E-mail from Mark Jurdjevic (TE.Supp.TE8.1.15)
(June 19, 2015) E-mail from Francisco Merino (TE.Supp.TE8.1.16)
(June 19, 2015) E-mail from Gail Burgin (TE.Supp.TE8.1.17)
(June 19, 2015) E-mail from Hanno Rein (TE.Supp.TE8.1.18)
(June 19, 2015) E-mail from Sue DeGrandis (TE.Supp.TE8.1.19)
(June 19, 2015) E-mail from Patricia McClellan (TE.Supp.TE8.1.20)
(June 19, 2015) E-mail from Lara Arabian (TE.Supp.TE8.1.21)
(June 19, 2015) E-mail from Jean Chen (TE.Supp.TE8.1.22)
(June 20, 2015) E-mail from George Count (TE.Supp.TE8.1.23)
(June 20, 2015) E-mail from Milt Moskowitz (TE.Supp.TE8.1.24)
(June 20, 2015) E-mail from Darlene A. Hebert (TE.Supp.TE8.1.25)
(June 20, 2015) E-mail from Cam Graham (TE.Supp.TE8.1.26)
(June 20, 2015) E-mail from Tony Muhitch (TE.Supp.TE8.1.27)
(June 20, 2015) E-mail from Janet Smith (TE.Supp.TE8.1.28)
(June 21, 2015) E-mail from John Bailey (TE.Supp.TE8.1.29)
(June 21, 2015) E-mail from Darien Taylor (TE.Supp.TE8.1.30)
(June 21, 2015) E-mail from Darren Donahue (TE.Supp.TE8.1.31)
(June 22, 2015) E-mail from James Davis (TE.Supp.TE8.1.32)
(June 22, 2015) E-mail from Antony Hilliard (TE.Supp.TE8.1.33)
(June 22, 2015) E-mail from Dr. Blake Aaron Richards (TE.Supp.TE8.1.34)
(June 22, 2015) E-mail from Ryan Day (TE.Supp.TE8.1.35)
(June 22, 2015) E-mail from Patrisha Robertson, on behalf of Niagara Neighbourhood Now (TE.Supp.TE8.1.36)

(June 22, 2015) E-mail from Gord Smith (TE.Supp.TE8.1.37)
(June 22, 2015) E-mail from Alex Korobchevsky (TE.Supp.TE8.1.38)
(June 22, 2015) E-mail from Peter Clarke (TE.Supp.TE8.1.39)
(June 22, 2015) E-mail from Jo Oppenheimer (TE.Supp.TE8.1.40)
(June 22, 2015) Letter from Gerry Brown (TE.Supp.TE8.1.41)
(June 22, 2015) E-mail from James Riches (TE.Supp.TE8.1.42)
(June 22, 2015) Submission from William E. Brown (TE.Supp.TE8.1.43)
(June 22, 2015) E-mail from Cookie Sandler (TE.Supp.TE8.1.44)
(June 22, 2015) Submission from Karen Buck (TE.Supp.TE8.1.45)
(June 22, 2015) E-mail from Alex Murphy (TE.Supp.TE8.1.46)
(June 22, 2015) Submission from Hamish Wilson (TE.Supp.TE8.1.47)
(June 22, 2015) Submission from Dylan Reid, Walk Toronto and Nancy Smith Lea, Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TE.Supp.TE8.1.48)





Ward: 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 

Enactment of By-laws

Introduction and consideration of a confirming bill for enactment as a By-law.

Background Information
(June 22, 2015) Toronto and East York Community Council - By-law Index