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 Licensing and Standards Committee

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2015 Ground Transportation Review: Taxis, Limos and Uber
Public Notice Given
(September 8, 2015) Report from the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards

The Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards recommends that:


1.  City Council amend Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 545, Licensing to:


a. update the definitions of Taxicab Broker and Limousine Service Company to explicitly provide that technology-based brokerages, including Uber, are within the existing regulatory regime;


b. amend the definition of Taxicab to clarify the distinction between taxicabs and limousines; and


c. explicitly state that a Taxicab Broker and Limousine Service Company may only contract and/or connect passengers with municipally-licensed taxicabs and limousines, respectively.


2. City Council amend the Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 545, Appendix C, "Tariff A", to reduce the initial cost, referred to as 'the drop fee', from $4.25 to $3.25 effective November 1,



3. City Council direct the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards to review provisions of the Municipal Code related to taxicabs and report back to Licensing and Standards Committee by January 2016 with recommendations to lessen regulatory burden and enhance competitiveness in the municipally-licensed taxicab industry, as outlined in Attachment 1, including reviewing:


a. current fare structure;


b. vehicle requirements;


c. vehicle inspections; and


d. taxicab training.


4. City Council direct the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards to review the limousine industry and report back to Licensing and Standards Committee by January 2016 with recommendations to update and modernize the municipally-licensed limousine service, as outlined in Attachment 1, including reviewing:


a. required 20-minute pre-booked time;


b. minimum fare of $70/hour for the first two hours; and


c. ratio requirements for stretch limousines.


5. City Council direct the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards to undertake a  review of the current state of accessible ground transportation options for the public, and provide recommendations to enhance the service, including responding to outstanding directives, identifying possible funding sources to mitigate the costs of providing the service, and examining the need for incremental taxicab licence issuance.


6. City Council authorize the issuance of 100 new Toronto Taxicab Licences (TTLs) to drivers on the waiting list, in order to advance the availability of metered on-demand wheelchair accessible taxicab service, commencing November 1, 2015.


7. City Council direct the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards to seek confirmation from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario of the approval and availability of insurance products for "Transportation Network Companies" and their drivers that could adequately protect passengers, drivers, and members of the public from risks associated with the operation of "Private Vehicles-for-Hire".


8. Once the Financial Services Commission of Ontario provides the confirmation referenced in

Recommendation #7, City Council direct the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and

Standards, to report back to Licensing and Standards Committee at the earliest opportunity with the regulation to license new ground transportation providers commonly referred to as

"Transportation Network Companies" (TNCs), and to permit the provision of a "private vehicle

for-hire" option. The report shall address, but not be restricted to, potential regulatory requirements that: 


a. prior to being issued a licence, a TNC shall:


i. provide proof, to the satisfaction of the City, that it has obtained adequate insurance to operate as a TNC;


ii. provide proof, to the satisfaction of the City, of the adequacy of the TNC's processes with respect to criminal background screening, driving record screening, motor vehicle inspections, and electronic record keeping; and


iii. enter into an agreement to indemnify the City against any loss related to the use of that TNC's private vehicles-for-hire;


b. TNCs obtain insurance coverage at a similar level to taxicabs and limousines that is

sufficient to protect the drivers of and individuals using private vehicles-for-hire;


c. TNCs conduct criminal background and driving record checks of their drivers;


d. TNCs ensure that vehicles used by drivers are mechanically inspected by a licensed mechanic in a manner similar to taxicabs and limousines;


e. TNCs maintain and submit records as a part of a mandatory audit process to ensure compliance with the regulations;

f. TNCs pay a licence fee on a flat-rate or per-ride basis, or combination thereof, that ensures full recovery by the City of the cost of creating, administering, and enforcing a TNC licence category; and


g. The TNCs licence may be subject to revocation for non-compliance.


9. City Council direct the Executive Director Municipal Licensing and Standards and the Deputy City Manager and Chief Financial Officer to report, as part of the 2016 Budget process, on the funding necessary to implement and enforce the adopted recommendations.


In 2012, two companies, Hailo and Uber, began operating in Toronto. Both used a smartphone application to connect passengers with municipally-licensed taxis and municipally-licensed limousines, respectively. This new technology processed payments via credit card through the passenger's account, and used GPS to allow passengers to track the location of the vehicle.  In the public's view, these 'apps' created a convenient and efficient way to connect with taxicabs and limousines.


Hailo operated as a licensed taxicab broker until November 2014, when it made a decision to withdraw from the North American market, while Uber continued to operate and expanded to dispatch municipally-licensed taxicabs without obtaining a licence.


In September 2014, Uber launched a new ground transportation service in Toronto called UberX, which connects passengers with unlicensed vehicles-for-hire. Since that time, UberX has been embraced by the public and now accounts for an estimated 17,000 trips a day. Uber's operations are putting significant pressure on regulated taxicab and limousines.


Uber's use and encouragement of unlicensed vehicles-for-hire concerns the City, particularly with respect to uncertain insurance coverage and the processes used to screen and manage unlicensed drivers, which pose a risk to public safety.


In November 2014, in response to Uber's unregulated operation in Toronto, and significant concerns for the safety of the public, the City brought a court application seeking an injunction to require Uber to stop operating unless it obtained taxicab broker and limousine service company licences. In July 2015, the court decided that Uber's operations were not captured within the definitions "taxicab brokerage" or "limousine service company". A report from the City Solicitor on the litigation will be presented to City Council at its September 30, 2015 meeting.


At its July 2015 meeting, City Council directed Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S) to undertake a review of the operations of Uber and similar technology-based companies, including the interests of the public in the technology and impacts on the current taxicab and limousine industries.


During the months of July and August, staff conducted a Ground Transportation Review of taxicabs, limousines and Uber. This review included: conducting stakeholder roundtables, posting two online surveys and procuring Ipsos Reid to conduct independent research with the public and industry on this matter. 


During the consultations, all members of the taxicab and limousine industries agreed that Uber is significantly impacting business. Whether it was drivers stating they are making less income, or fleet operators indicating that they cannot rent taxicabs, or brokers stating they cannot get drivers, there was consensus that Uber's operations are having a negative impact on regulated taxicabs and limousines. The industry felt strongly that Uber should be subject to the same regulations and restrictions as the rest of the industry, including: regulated fares, vehicle standards, insurance and vehicle licenses. 


Conversely, there is a strong sentiment amongst Toronto residents that people should be able to choose whether they want to use Uber or licensed taxicabs. A majority of residents feel that having both Uber and taxicabs provides Toronto with a competitive marketplace. Residents also expected that the City will make regulations to protect passengers' personal safety and help ensure safe driving behaviour in Uber vehicles.


Overall, this research indicates that although the taxicab and limousine industries feel that Uber should be banned, there is strong public support for the services Uber provides.


There is no question that the manner in which Uber entered the Toronto market and used unlicensed vehicles, as they have done world-wide, has caused wide-scale disruption of established ground transportation industries. Cities, states and countries around the world are all reacting to these changes, and have done so in various ways. This report provides a jurisdictional scan outlining these responses.


This report recommends amending the definitions of taxicab broker and limousine service company to address the recent court decision. This will ensure that all technology-based brokerages, such as Uber, are captured within the current regulatory regime.


The report recommends that taxicab fares be reduced, by dropping the cost to enter the taxicab from $4.25 to $3.25. This recommendation benefits consumers and helps taxicabs stay competitive.


The report also recommends that a further review of the Taxicab bylaw be undertaken, with a view to reducing regulatory burden and increasing competitiveness. In addition to increasing administrative and operational efficiencies, it provides an opportunity to reframe the manner in which the City regulates taxicab service broadly. It will also attempt to address the 23 outstanding City Council and Committee taxicab directives.


The report further recommends that a review of the Limousine bylaw be undertaken with a goal to update and modernize, while also considering the appropriate level of regulation and the interest of the public. 


Both of these reviews will provide the City with an opportunity to revisit and potentially reframe its role in these industries. The ultimate goal is modernizing regulations and increasing opportunities for the taxicab and limousine industries to compete within the current landscape of ground transportation in Toronto.


The report recommends a separate review on the issue of accessible private ground transportation, including responding to previous Council directions in this regard. This review will assess current delivery of services, identify gaps, and focus on identifying opportunities to expand accessible service.  The ultimate goal will be to ensure that those requiring metered on-demand wheelchair accessible ground transportation service, are receiving equivalent service levels to that of non-accessible service. To this end, the report recommends issuing 100 new Toronto Taxicab Licences (TTLs). This responds to the continued unmet demand for wheelchair accessible taxicab service, and continues to advance the City's goal to move towards service equivalency for Toronto's taxicabs.


Recommendations #7 and #8, taken together, respond to the fact that UberX operates in Toronto at a scale that warrants regulatory oversight. These recommendations respond to the significant public interest in UberX, while addressing the City's public safety concerns.


This report recommends that City Council, subject to proof of the availability of adequate insurance, direct staff to undertake the development of regulation that would permit private vehicles-for-hire, including UberX, to operate. 


This would permit the operation of private vehicles-for-hire while providing basic regulatory oversight to increase public safety. The only company that is currently dispatching private vehicles-for-hire is Uber, although this regulation would allow for additional market entrants.


Subject to City Council's direction, the financial impacts to the City will be presented through the 2016 budget process as appropriate.


The Legal Services Division was consulted in the development of this report.

Financial Impact

The 2014 Taxicab Industry review and subsequent directives from Council resulted in approximately 23 outstanding review items, some of which are substantial, i.e. – Fleet Operator Licensing.  The outcomes of this report may result in additional and significant regulatory review initiatives of the Taxicab and Limousine industries, including the matter of accessible ground transportation, and a potentially new licensing category for Transportation Network Companies.  This volume of work cannot be sustained with the current level of staffing in ML&S.


Subject to the outcomes of this report, it is anticipated that additional staff resources will be needed to undertake the consultations and bylaw reviews, and the relevant enforcement. Consideration will be given, as part of the 2016 Budget process on an increase to the 2016 Operating Budget which may include new staff complement of up to 10 positions plus consulting fees at an approximate cost of $1.8 million Gross. The Net cost of these positions will be subject to the outcomes of this report and an identified funding source. 


The Deputy City Manager and Chief Financial Officer has reviewed this report and agrees with the financial impact information.

Background Information
(September 8, 2015) Report from the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards on the 2015 Ground Transportation Review - Taxis, Limos, and Uber

Attachment 1 - Ground Transportation Review

Attachment 2 - Ipsos Reid Qualitative and Quantitative Research

(September 8, 2015) E-mail from Spiros Bastas, President, Accessible Transportation Assocation of Ontario (AOTA) (LS.Main.LS6.1.1)

(September 4, 2015) E-mail from Mitch Glassman, Royal Limousine, on behalf of Bennington Limousine, Cullitons Limousine Service, Global Alliance, Rosedale Livery, and Royal Limousine (LS.Main.LS6.1.2)

(September 11, 2015) E-mail from Jessie Poh (LS.New.LS6.1.3)
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(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Nicole Allossery (LS.New.LS6.1.146)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Jose Taboada (LS.New.LS6.1.147)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Devika Smith (LS.New.LS6.1.148)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Sue Mackellar (LS.New.LS6.1.149)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Emir Tahirovic (LS.New.LS6.1.150)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Christopher Abreu (LS.New.LS6.1.151)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Serguei Seleznev (LS.New.LS6.1.152)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Mike Paul (LS.New.LS6.1.153)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Michel Boudreault (LS.New.LS6.1.154)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Ronald Rosenes (LS.New.LS6.1.155)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Peter Lengyel (LS.New.LS6.1.156)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Kieron Kawall (LS.New.LS6.1.157)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Kieron Kawall (LS.New.LS6.1.158)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Rachel Baron (LS.New.LS6.1.159)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Krishna Komatla (LS.New.LS6.1.160)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Sam Shields (LS.New.LS6.1.161)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Jennifer Lippa (LS.New.LS6.1.162)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from James D. Spencer (LS.New.LS6.1.163)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Meg Robinson (LS.New.LS6.1.164)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Akrem Mohammed (LS.New.LS6.1.165)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Ryan Rebello (LS.New.LS6.1.166)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Serge Sergeev (LS.New.LS6.1.167)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Seunghee Jung (LS.New.LS6.1.168)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Sam Salituro (LS.New.LS6.1.169)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Michael Alday (LS.New.LS6.1.170)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Peter Vo (LS.New.LS6.1.171)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Steve Exil (LS.New.LS6.1.172)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from John Hourihan (LS.New.LS6.1.173)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Jannette Cha (LS.New.LS6.1.174)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Joshua Kay (LS.New.LS6.1.175)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Jet Lising  (LS.New.LS6.1.176)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Kertricia Nelson (LS.New.LS6.1.177)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Holly Treddenik (LS.New.LS6.1.178)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Ryan Wickware (LS.New.LS6.1.179)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Carole Atkins (LS.New.LS6.1.180)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Andrew Hall (LS.New.LS6.1.181)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Annette Plumstead (LS.New.LS6.1.182)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Alex Young (LS.New.LS6.1.183)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Walter Swardfager (LS.New.LS6.1.184)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Ellen van Steenburgh (LS.New.LS6.1.185)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Luis Martinez (LS.New.LS6.1.186)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Shaun Ashley (LS.New.LS6.1.187)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Les Harris (LS.New.LS6.1.188)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Luca De Montis (LS.New.LS6.1.189)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Gordon Rowcliffe (LS.Main.LS6.1.190)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Khaled Mozahar (LS.New.LS6.1.191)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Benjamin Lee (LS.New.LS6.1.192)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Alexis Shamess (LS.New.LS6.1.193)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Shannon Sanders (LS.New.LS6.1.194)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from L.R. Gauthier (LS.New.LS6.1.195)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Muammer Saadauddin Ayub (LS.New.LS6.1.196)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Roman Brik (LS.New.LS6.1.197)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Graham Spry (LS.New.LS6.1.198)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Luc Gauthier (LS.New.LS6.1.199)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Shari Walczak (LS.New.LS6.1.200)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Natalie Zadarko (LS.New.LS6.1.201)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Dave Kim (LS.New.LS6.1.202)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Shawn Sosnowski (LS.New.LS6.1.203)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Dolores O'Brien (LS.New.LS6.1.204)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Alyssa Rego (LS.New.LS6.1.205)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Roxanne Felix (LS.New.LS6.1.206)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Esther Wong (LS.New.LS6.1.207)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Natalia J (LS.New.LS6.1.208)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from George Filtsos (LS.New.LS6.1.209)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Mar Farooqi (LS.New.LS6.1.210)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Cris Bascunan (LS.New.LS6.1.211)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Chris Leigh (LS.New.LS6.1.212)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Veerendra Nagalla (LS.New.LS6.1.213)
(September 14, 2015) E-mail from Sid Choudhuri (LS.New.LS6.1.214)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Diane Fisico (LS.New.LS6.1.215)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Betty Nelima (LS.New.LS6.1.216)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Marc Kanatkin (LS.New.LS6.1.217)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Narendra Baghat (LS.New.LS6.1.218)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Kapil Gupta (LS.New.LS6.1.219)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Sabrina Brown (LS.New.LS6.1.220)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Colin May (LS.New.LS6.1.221)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Maria Shinn (LS.New.LS6.1.222)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Kristopher Bowman (LS.New.LS6.1.223)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Sarah Aubrey Gazaneo (LS.New.LS6.1.224)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Paul Padda (LS.New.LS6.1.225)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Usman Abid (LS.New.LS6.1.226)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Trisha Ramnane (LS.New.LS6.1.227)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Ish Ash (LS.New.LS6.1.228)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Lisa Marshall (LS.New.LS6.1.229)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from James Flanagan (LS.New.LS6.1.230)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Helen Sanderson (LS.New.LS6.1.231)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Alexis Ledgister (LS.New.LS6.1.232)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from KC Parker (LS.New.LS6.1.233)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Mahmood Hassan (LS.New.LS6.1.234)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Francesco Digenova (LS.New.LS6.1.235)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Simcha D. Alon (LS.New.LS6.1.236)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Brian Rocha (LS.New.LS6.1.237)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Anthony Jabbour (LS.New.LS6.1.238)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Seyed Ali Javid (LS.New.LS6.1.239)
(September 15, 2015) E-mail from Chris Schafer, Uber Public Policy Manager, Canada (LS.New.LS6.1.240)

(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Nizam Rahman (LS.New.LS6.1.241)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Mark Daugela (LS.New.LS6.1.242)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Rashad Muhammad (LS.New.LS6.1.243)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Paul Levin (LS.New.LS6.1.244)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Mubashir Bukhari (LS.New.LS6.1.245)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from James D. Spencer (LS.New.LS6.1.246)
(September 16, 2015) Submission from Al Moore (LS.New.LS6.1.247)
(September 16, 2015) Submission from John Dahdaly, Ontario Limousine Owners Association (OLOA) (LS.New.LS6.1.248)

(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Thomas Silcox-Childs (LS.New.LS6.1.249)
(September 16, 2015) Submission from Sivathas Gopalapillai (LS.New.LS6.1.250)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Cecilia Tsang (LS.New.LS6.1.251)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Leslie Luong (LS.New.LS6.1.252)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Greg Cameron (LS.New.LS6.1.253)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Araceli Ryabinchak (LS.New.LS6.1.254)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from D. Kishun (LS.New.LS6.1.255)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Alex Ranieri (LS.New.LS6.1.256)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Steve Lennon (LS.New.LS6.1.257)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Adrienne Dennis (LS.New.LS6.1.258)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Julian Taylor (LS.New.LS6.1.259)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Chris Poole (LS.New.LS6.1.260)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Andre Bodnar (LS.New.LS6.1.261)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Tuula Hopp (LS.New.LS6.1.262)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Steven Vangou (LS.New.LS6.1.263)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Linda Truong (LS.New.LS6.1.264)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Anoosheh Zonoozi (LS.New.LS6.1.265)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Robert Shaw (LS.New.LS6.1.266)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Ariel Pailas (LS.New.LS6.1.267)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Andrew Hope (LS.New.LS6.1.268)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Chris Lea (LS.New.LS6.1.269)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Claudine Tyrell (LS.New.LS6.1.270)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Farren Whittaker (LS.New.LS6.1.271)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Thomas Duplessie (LS.New.LS6.1.272)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Jonathan Rapp (LS.New.LS6.1.273)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Bonnie Wilkinson (LS.New.LS6.1.274)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Nancy T. Yamamura (LS.New.LS6.1.275)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Joshua Klement (LS.New.LS6.1.276)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Andrew Pedulla (LS.New.LS6.1.277)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Chris Lea (LS.New.LS6.1.278)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Anastasia Averkov (LS.New.LS6.1.279)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Alexandra Zollerano (LS.New.LS6.1.280)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Jeff Payne (LS.New.LS6.1.281)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Sean Petrus (LS.New.LS6.1.282)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Michael Gould (LS.New.LS6.1.283)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Graeme Klim (LS.New.LS6.1.284)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Mark Stableforth (LS.New.LS6.1.285)
(September 16, 2015) Submission from Joe Farrugia (LS.New.LS6.1.286)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Lutch Maharaj (LS.New.LS6.1.287)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Surenthar Santhiralingam (LS.New.LS6.1.288)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Maggie Keene (LS.New.LS6.1.289)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Lina Nouraly (LS.New.LS6.1.290)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Nakeisha Reid (LS.New.LS6.1.291)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Dara Sabadin (LS.New.LS6.1.292)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Mark Corrigan (LS.New.LS6.1.293)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Steve Guise (LS.New.LS6.1.294)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Minsoo Ko (LS.New.LS6.1.295)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Jennifer Alexander (LS.New.LS6.1.296)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Cassie Bragg (LS.New.LS6.1.297)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Jim Dinner (LS.New.LS6.1.298)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Julie Edelstein (LS.New.LS6.1.299)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Marilyn Dunphy (LS.New.LS6.1.300)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Tyler Luyben (LS.New.LS6.1.301)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Marc Botticella (LS.New.LS6.1.302)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Paul Wojdylo (LS.New.LS6.1.303)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Michael Laurel (LS.New.LS6.1.304)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Mikhdad Nakgoda (LS.New.LS6.1.305)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Brent Thomas (LS.New.LS6.1.306)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Ken Rozansky (LS.New.LS6.1.307)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Matthew Clarke (LS.New.LS6.1.308)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Jason Kennedy (LS.New.LS6.1.309)
(September 16, 2015) Submission from Jafar Mirsalari (LS.New.LS6.1.310)
(September 16, 2015) Submission from Peter Mandronis (LS.New.LS6.1.311)
(September 16, 2015) E-mail from Philomena Comerford, Baird Insurance Brokers LP (LS.New.LS6.1.312)