Public Works and Infrastructure Committee

Meeting No. 6   (Special)   Contact Candy Davidovits, Committee Administrator
Meeting Date Monday, July 18, 2011
  Phone 416-392-8032
Start Time 9:30 AM
Location Committee Room 1, City Hall
  Chair   Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong  





Ward: All 

Core Service Review
Committee Decision

The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on July 18, 2011, recommended to the Executive Committee that:


1.         The Executive Committee consider the opportunities contained in Appendix A, Part 2, of the KPMG Standing Committee Summary for Public Works and Infrastructure.

Decision Advice and Other Information

The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee:


1.         Requested the City Manager to review the List of Opportunities to ensure service efficiencies are maximized to meet the 2012 budget targets and multi-year service and financial planning objectives and report to the Executive Committee for its September 19, 2011 meeting.


2.         Requested the City Manager in his report to the Executive Committee on September 19, 2011, to:


a.         comment on possible service adjustments to benefits and efficiencies for:


-          snow plowing, snow removal and windrow clearing services; and

-          street sweeping; and


b.         provide further advice on the effects of eliminating fluoridation of Toronto Water; and


c.         comment on comparative studies prepared by KPMG for Non-OMBI cities as they relate to wastewater, waste collection and transportation network control and safety.


3.         Forwarded a copy of all written deputations and communications to the City Manager.


The following gave presentations to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee:


-           City Manager

-           Craig Fossay, Partner, Advisory Services, KPMG

-           Glen Sloutsky, Senior Manager, Advisory Services, Performance & Technology Services, KPMG

-           Brian V. Bourns, Advisory Services, Public Sector, KPMG

(July 11, 2011) Report from the City Manager

The purpose of this report is to transmit the Core Service Review Summary and Service Profiles prepared by KPMG LLP and the results of the public consultation, for consideration by Standing Committees at special meetings scheduled between July 18, 2011 and July 28, 2011.  Service Profiles of the City's governance functions and the City's agencies will be considered by Executive Committee on July 28, 2011.  The City Manager will report further on the Core Service Review to the Executive Committee at its September 19, 2011 meeting, including providing comments on recommendations coming forward from the Special Standing Committee meetings.


The Service Review Program includes: a Core Service Review that examines which services the City should be delivering, Service Efficiency Studies that examine service levels and how specific City services are delivered to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective service delivery, and a User Fee Review that examines all user fees currently in place to determine the extent to which they are fair and collect the full cost of providing the service.


The Service Review Program is being undertaken in 2011 in preparation for the 2012 Budget Process.  In 2011, the City will set the foundation for its services and service levels to establish the basis for multi-year planning and service delivery to meet its budgetary objectives in 2012 and beyond.

Background Information
(July 11, 2011) Report from the City Manager on the Core Service Review

(July 7, 2011) Appendix A, Part 1 - KPMG Final Report to the City Manager

(July 11, 2011) Appendix A, Part 2 - KPMG Standing Committee Summary, Public Works and Infrastructure

(July 11, 2011) Appendix B - Core Service Review, Public Consultation

(July 18, 2011) Presentation from the City Manager on the Service Review Program: Core Service Review

(July 18, 2011) Presentation from KPMG on City of Toronto Core Service Review Project

(July 13, 2011) Submission from Gerry Cooper (PW.New.PW6.1.1)
(July 13, 2011) Submission from Diane DiFlorio (PW.New.PW6.1.2)
(July 12, 2011) Letter from Councillor John Filion, Chair, Board of Health (PW.New.PW6.1.3)

(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Tamara Costa (PW.New.PW6.1.4)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Amanda Crocker (PW.New.PW6.1.5)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Matt MacLennan (PW.New.PW6.1.6)
(July 15, 2011) E-mail from Alison Walden (PW.New.PW6.1.7)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Hector Catre (PW.New.PW6.1.8)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from John Norton (PW.New.PW6.1.9)
(July 16, 2011) E-mail from Bonnie and Jerry Good (PW.New.PW6.1.10)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from G. Turner (PW.New.PW6.1.11)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Indro Bhattacharyya (PW.New.PW6.1.12)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Sarah Clarke (PW.New.PW6.1.13)
(July 17, 2011) E-mail from Reiner Paessler and Brenda Thompson (PW.New.PW6.1.14)
(July 17, 2011) Letter from Martin Koob (PW.New.PW6.1.15)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Karen Buck, President, Citizens for a Safe Environment (PW.New.PW6.1.16)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Steve Shallhorn (PW.New.PW6.1.17)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Beverley Thorpe, International Director, Clean Production Action (PW.New.PW6.1.18)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Sarah Miller, Coordinator, Joseph Castrilli, Counsel, and Frederic Perron-Welch, Student at Law, Canadian Environmental Law Association (PW.New.PW6.1.19)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Heather Marshall, Toxics Campaigner, Toronto Environmental Alliance (PW.New.PW6.1.20)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Franz Hartmann, Executive Director, Toronto Environmental Alliance (PW.New.PW6.1.21)
(July 17, 2011) Letter from Tony Cauch, Chair, Roncesvalles Village BIA (PW.New.PW6.1.22)
(July 18, 2011) E-mail from Aliss Terpstra, Toronto Chapter, Council of Canadians (PW.New.PW6.1.23)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Hamish Wilson (PW.New.PW6.1.24)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Sasha Rodrigues (PW.New.PW6.1.25)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Shaun Shepherd, Vice President, External, University of Toronto Students' Union (PW.New.PW6.1.26)
(July 17, 2011) Submission from Farrah Khan, Campaigner, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (PW.New.PW6.1.27)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Geordie Dent, Federation of Metro Tenants' Association (PW.New.PW6.1.28)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Michelle St-Amour, Civics and Environment Commissioner, Graduate Students' Union, University of Toronto (PW.New.PW6.1.29)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Leigh Hayden, Women's Healthy Environments Network (PW.New.PW6.1.30)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Anthony Humphreys (PW.New.PW6.1.31)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Andrea Garcia, Director of Advocacy & Operations, Toronto Cyclists Union (PW.New.PW6.1.32)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Sonja Greckol, Toronto Women's City Alliance (PW.New.PW6.1.33)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Myra Shivanandan (PW.New.PW6.1.34)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Emily Alfred, Waste Campaigner, Toronto Environmental Alliance (PW.New.PW6.1.35)
(July 18, 2011) Presentation from Dr. Paul Andrews, Ontario Dental Association (PW.New.PW6.1.36)
(July 18, 2011) Submission from Sarah Mills, Manager, Special Projects, and Program Manager, Take Back the Light, Recycling Council of Ontario (PW.New.PW6.1.37)

Michael Rosenberg
Karen Buck, President, Citizens for a Safe Enviroment (Submission Filed)
Sonja Greckol, Toronto Women's City Alliance (Submission Filed)
Franz Hartmann, Executive Director, Toronto Environmental Alliance (Submission Filed)
Heather Marshall, Toxics Campaigner, Toronto Environmental Alliance (Submission Filed)
Emily Alfred, Waste Campaigner, Toronto Environmental Alliance (Submission Filed)
Gerry Cooper (Submission Filed)
Hamish Wilson (Submission Filed)
Sasha Rodrigues (Submission Filed)
Fatima Crerar, Managing Director, and Krista Friesen, Director, Stewardship Programs, Summerhill Impact
Sarah Miller, Coordinator, and Joseph Castrilli, Counsel, Canadian Environmental Law Association (Submission Filed)
Farrah Khan, Campaigner, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (Submission Filed)
Leigh Hayden, Board Member, Women's Healthy Environments Network (Submission Filed)
Richard Schepens
Ben De Sousa
Steve Shallhorn (Submission Filed)
Brian Demareski
Michelle St-Amour, Civics and Environment Commissioner, Graduate Students' Union, University of Toronto (Submission Filed)
Geordie Dent, Executive Director, Federation of Metro Tenants' Association (Submission Filed)
Sarah Mills, Manager, Special Projects, and Program Manager, Take Back the Light, Recycling Council of Ontario (Submission Filed)
Vanessa Hunt, President, York Federation of Students
Shaun Shepherd, Vice President, External, University of Toronto Students' Union (Submission Filed)
Myra Shivanandan (Submission Filed)
Anthony Humphreys (Submission Filed)
Dr. Paul Andrews, Ontario Dental Association (Submission Filed)
Mark Ferguson, President, CUPE Local 416
Andrea Garcia, Director of Advocacy & Operations, Toronto Cyclists Union (Submission Filed)
Councillor Maria Augimeri
Councillor Shelley Carroll
Councillor Sarah Doucette
Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon
Councillor Joe Mihevc
Councillor Adam Vaughan

Meeting Sessions
Session Date Session Type Start Time End Time Public or Closed Session
2011-07-18 Morning 9:40 AM 12:27 PM Public
2011-07-18 Afternoon 1:35 PM 4:53 PM Public
Members were present for some or all of the time period indicated.
Date and Time Quorum Members
09:40 AM - 12:27 PM
(Public Session)
Present Present: Mark Grimes, Mike Layton, Denzil Minnan-Wong (Chair), John Parker, Gord Perks, David Shiner
Also present (non-members): Maria Augimeri, Shelley Carroll, Janet Davis, Mike Del Grande, Sarah Doucette, Paula Fletcher, Doug Holyday, Mary-Margaret McMahon, Joe Mihevc, Adam Vaughan
01:35 PM - 04:53 PM
(Public Session)
Present Present: Mark Grimes, Mike Layton, Denzil Minnan-Wong (Chair), John Parker, Gord Perks, David Shiner
Also present (non-members): Shelley Carroll, Sarah Doucette, Doug Holyday, Adam Vaughan