Board of Management of the Toronto Zoo

Meeting No. 15   (Special)   Contact Dela Ting, Committee Administrator
Meeting Date Wednesday, September 5, 2012
  Phone 416-397-7769
Start Time 10:30 AM
Location Meeting Room 304, Metro Hall
  Chair   Mr. Joe Torzsok  






Toronto Zoo Future Governance
Confidential Attachment - The security of the property of the municipality or local board
Board Decision

The Board:


1.         Endorsed the following recommendations in the presentation report (September 5, 2012) on The Future of Toronto Zoo Governance by Mansfield Communications and Schultz & Williams:


a.         Create the Toronto Zoological Society to manage and operate the Toronto Zoo.


b.         Develop a Management Agreement with the City of Toronto to operate and manage the Toronto Zoo.


c.         Maintain labour agreement with CUPE 1600 (or their alternate). 


d.         Over time, reduce the City of Toronto's annual operating investment in the Zoo.


e.         Maintain annual funding for the State of Good Repair of City Assets.


f.          Create new partners and funding opportunities with the private sector.


g.         Develop a transition timeline to implement the shift in governance.


h.         Develop a plan to fulfill the Zoo's vision.


2.         Requested the City Manager, in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Zoo and the City Solicitor, to make recommendations to the Executive Committee and City Council on a new governance model for the Toronto Zoo, with the request that the report entitled The Future of Toronto Zoo Governance provide a framework for the requested report.


3.         Requested the City Manager to recommend that City Council defer changes to the present composition of the Zoo Board of Management appointments pending a transition to the new Board in December, 2012.


4.         Referred the following motions to the City Manager for consideration and comment in his forthcoming report:


a.         Motion by Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker


i.          That any new Board honour the City and Board's current commitments with respect to its animal collections.


ii.         That the Toronto Zoo invite the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) to be a member of the new Board of Directors.


iii.        That the new governance model include the appointment of three (3) City Councillors from the City of Toronto.


iv.        That all future documents, including meeting minutes, meeting agendas, briefing reports, annual reports, that would currently be considered public information continue to be public information under any new governance and operating model adopted by the Zoo Board of Management, to the extent permitted by law.


b.         Motion by Councillor Raymond Cho


i.          That the Toronto Zoo be audited by the City of Toronto's Auditor General every two years with full cooperation by the Toronto Zoo's Board of Management and staff.


ii.         That the City of Toronto retain the power to remove member(s) of the Board.


iii.        That the Board and its Committees determine the replacement of member(s) of the Board removed by City Council.


iv.        That any increases in admission fees to the Toronto Zoo be subject to approval by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board.


v.         That the composition of the new Board of Directors include federal and provincial representatives, past board member Dr. Ming Tat Cheung and some current citizen members with an automatic one year term limit, such appointments to be held no later than August 31, 2013.


5.         Directed the public release of the presentation report (September 5, 2012) on The Future of Toronto Zoo Governance by Mansfield Communications and Schultz & Williams in its entirety.


Decision Advice and Other Information

A copy of the presentation report by Mansfield Communications on The Future of Toronto Zoo Governance (September 5, 2012) was distributed to Zoo Board Members under confidential cover.


The Board recessed its public session to consider a portion of this item in closed session as it relates to the security of the municipality or local board.


The Chair expressed appreciation and thanks to Dr. Cal Bricker, board member and Chair, Sub-committee on Governance for the Toronto Zoo, Hugh Mansfield, Managing Partner, Mansfield Communications, and Rick Biddle, Vice-President, Schultz & Williams, for their hard work and effort in preparing the report.


Hugh Mansfield, Mansfield Communications will give a presentation to the Toronto Zoo Board of Management.


Background Information
(September 5, 2012) Presentation from Hugh Mansfield, Mansfield Communications on Toronto Zoo Future Governance

(September 4, 2012) Letter from Councillor Lindsay Luby (ZB.New.15.1.1)


Hugh Mansfield, Managing Partner, Mansfield Communications
Rick Biddle, Vice President, Schultz & Williams

Meeting Sessions
Session Date Session Type Start Time End Time Public or Closed Session
2012-09-05 Morning 10:45 AM 10:48 AM Public
2012-09-05 Morning 10:48 AM 11:42 AM Closed
2012-09-05 Afternoon 12:07 PM 1:35 PM Public
Members were present for some or all of the time period indicated.
Date and Time Quorum Members
10:45 AM - 10:48 AM
(Public Session)
Present Present: Paul Ainslie, Cal Bricker, Tonie Chaltas, Raymond Cho, Josh Colle, Glenn De Baeremaeker, Mark Grimes, Michael Ho, Joe Torzsok, Joshua Vinegar, Cindy Yelle
Not Present: Paul Doyle, Sabrina Fiorellino, Gloria Lindsay Luby